Names Reflecting History Heralded in Historic Haleʻiwa Town

Haleʻiwa Store Lots

Historic Haleʻiwa Town has gained prominence as a place associated with the coastal surfing, spanning the makai region of the ahupuaʻa of Kawailoa and Paʻalaʻa in the district of Waialua. The name Haleʻiwa has always been associated with the spirit of hospitality, generosity and caring for the needs of people.

Traditionally, a royal residential and spiritual center, and historically the hub of commerce and community fellowship, the community of Haleʻiwa has a strong entrepreneurial spirit coupled with country sensibility. By using the name Store Lots, we honor the plantation era and the common naming convention for retail spaces of that time.


Kamehamalu Courtyard – Victoria Kamāmalu, the cousin of Kamehameha Schools’ founder Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, was also known as Kamehamalu. She was awarded the ahupuaʻa of Kawailoa and Paʻalaʻa during the Mahele, so we felt it was appropriate to honor her here. She was the highest ranking female chief at that time and was appointed Kuhina Nui by her brother King Alexander Liholiho Kamehameha IV.

Kaiona Arts Courtyard – Kaiona was a benevolent goddess of Kaʻala and the Waiʻanae Mountains on Oʻahu who helped those who lost their way in the mountains by sending a bird, an ‘iwa, to guide the lost one out of the forest. During her life Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop was compared to Kaiona in songs. It seems most fitting that we include this beautiful reference to our beloved Princess in Historic Haleʻiwa Town.

Mā‘ilikūkahi Hale – Kamehameha Schools North Shore Information Center

In the 1490s, Māʻilikūkahi who ruled over the island of O’ahu, was inducted into the office of aliʻi nui at the heiau Kapukapuākea which is located nearby in Paʻalaʻa-kai. He is credited with instituting a new system of land management including surveying the boundaries between different land divisions.

It is said that in an effort to better monitor the entire island and to become more intimately acquainted with his whole domain, Mā‘ilikūkahi was known to live at two locations on the opposite ends of O‘ahu; one at Waialua and the other at Waikīkī.

It is our privilege to incorporate these important historical names into Haleʻiwa Store Lots, in Historic Haleʻiwa Town.